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Voice Over

(editing & recording)


Have your voice over edited for mouth noises and noise floor. Pacing corrections to match video are a breeze. Have us make the selects for you, or work collaboratively with us to ensure you’re getting the most out of your VO. Our VO editing is one of the quickest in the business.


Creating a natural sound for voice overs is important. We have rooms constructed to ensure clear vocal performances, and free from extraneous noises, combined with top-of-the-line equipment that provides the very best in digital audio quality.

But capturing VO is more than just high-quality audio. We excel at providing clear counsel to our clients.  Other times we deliver performances that best serves the content we’re contracted to enhance.

Samples of Our Work

What People Say About Us

Voice Over (Editing)

I began working with Ben at Centennial Sound when I was brand new to working as an audiobook narrator. Having a disability (a brain injury), I knew I would need help immediately with any and all post-production work. Not coming from a technical background with any applicable skills, Ben was the perfect fit for me! Not only did he evaluate my recording space, reviewed my equipment (mic, sound, DAW, etc.) but also walked me step-by-step through the process of what it's like to work with an audio engineer. To be honest, as a new narrator, I was nervous to work with an engineer (I was afraid of having someone hear my mistakes---it's a very vulnerable feeling), but I was treated with dignity, respect, and encouragement. I never once was belittled for mistakes, etc. Instead I felt supported and empowered. As I moved forward in my career, Centennial Sound matched me step-by-step. I highly recommend!
Andy Garcia-Ruse

Voice Over (Recording)

Working with Ben was a wonderful experience. I needed a studio to cast and record voice actors for a short film. Ben was able to provide a great range of talented actors to choose from and the sound quality of the recording was excellent. I found him to be a great collaborator and reliable partner and would happily work with him again!
Chris Carboni