Centennial Sound

Audiobook Production

Record your audiobook on the best VO equipment in the business. We can help make your audiobook project a painless experience with punch and roll recording, mouth noise reduction, noise floor correction, pronunciation guidance, and the other technical challenges to recording a book.

If you’re an independent narrator or author looking for post-production work to get your project up to spec, we do that as well. Let us edit, proof, and master your audiobook for you, so you can get back to performing or writing.

We can also help with production. Books can be made to any digital distributor’s specifications – ACX, Findaway, Audiobooks Unleashed, — whatever! We also direct performances, if you’re new to narrating (or narrating a title you’ve written). And we also work with a field of narrators if you need help casting your project, whether it’s a solo read, dual read, or multicast performance.

Samples of Our Work

Bluebeard And The Outlaw

Written by Tara Grayce
Performed by Liz Brand

Thunder O' Dragon

Written by Marc Secchia
Performed by Kyle Westmaas

Invasion Day

Written by Micah Gurley
Performed by Chris Kotcher, Fred Stella, Kyle Westmaas, David Brown, Benjamin L. Darcie, Bryanna Lee, Keyonni James, Carrie Coello

A Summer with Montaigne

Written by Antoine Compagnon
Performed by Fred Stella

Hybrid Mate

Written by Jenny Tia and Liam Kingsley
Performed by Benjamin L. Darcie

The Compeer

Written by Jamie Applegate Hunter
Performed by Bryanna Lee

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