Centennial Sound

What We Do

Audiobook Production

Record your audiobook on the best VO equipment in the business. We can help make your audiobook project a painless experience with punch and roll recording, mouth noise reduction, noise floor correction, pronunciation guidance, and the other technical challenges to recording a book.

If you’re an independent narrator or author looking for post-production work to get your project up to spec, we do that as well. Let us edit, proof, and master your audiobook for you, so you can get back to performing or writing.

We can also help with production. Books can be made to any digital distributor’s specifications – ACX, Findaway, Audiobooks Unleashed, — whatever! We also direct performances, if you’re new to narrating (or narrating a title you’ve written). And we also work with a field of narrators if you need help casting your project, whether it’s a solo read, dual read, or multicast performance.

Listen to a Sample (Bluebeard And The Outlaw)

Written by Tara Grayce
Performed by Liz Brand
Produced by Centennial Sound

Music Production

Mixing, Mastering, and Production

Bringing your creative vision to life is a process. There are elements of this process that as an artist, you have a passion for diving into. Some of these details – such as arrangements and tones – may be critical to your creative process. But there are parts of the process you don’t want to have to think about, such as whether all the gear is working properly, or stopping early thanks to a bad cable or dead batteries.

Bottom line: We handle all technical issues, so you can focus on the music. We can also offer our creative input and share our decades of combined industry tips, tricks and experiences if asked. But we’ll never take creative control of your project, or offer unsolicited advice.

Hollow Moon
Written and performed by The Crane Wives

Voice Over

(editing & recording)


Have your voice over edited for mouth noises and noise floor. Pacing corrections to match video are a breeze. Have us make the selects for you, or work collaboratively with us to ensure you’re getting the most out of your VO. Our VO editing is one of the quickest in the business.


Creating a natural sound for voice overs is important. We have rooms constructed to ensure clear vocal performances, and free from extraneous noises, combined with top-of-the-line equipment that provides the very best in digital audio quality.

But capturing VO is more than just high-quality audio. We excel at providing clear counsel to our clients. Other times we deliver performances that best serves the content we’re contracted to enhance.

"Along" for the Chan-Zuckerberg Foundation
Produced by Fuzzco
Music and Sound Design by Sanctus
Casting and VO Record by Centennial Sound


Work closely with an engineer to help ensure that you’re creating your best podcast with the best sound quality. It’s more than just pushing record and talking into a mic for a while.

Let us help you take your podcast to a whole new level by working with you to bring fiction to life with ambiences, sound effects, dramatic scoring, and editing your interviews for content and time. We’ll mix your songs into a music bed using your tracks, or we can score your podcast for you!

Antigone by Jean Anouilh

Performed by Aquinas College Theater
Produced by Centennial Sound

Sound Design

Take your animation to the next level with a fully designed video. We have access to libraries and props to create great mixes full of sound effects, ambiences, and VO. Stems and masters are mixed to your project’s needs.

Lyra Health Promotional Video
Produced by Most West
Sound Design, Edit, and Mix by Centennial Sound


Recording foley takes a lot of imagination – and access to a lot of cool junk. Finding the right prop for a sequence can be time consuming and frustrating. Use our experience and creativity to find the right sound quickly.

The fact is, whatever sound you have in mind, we’ve probably done it before. This can save you valuable time and money. We also have a large isolation booth with a dedicated viewing screen to help you time your foley project perfectly, and custom made foley pits for working on a variety of surfaces.

Sound Effects Library Creation

If you need specific sounds recorded for a series you’re working on, we’re happy to collect those into a library for you. If you’re working on a pirate-themed podcast that needs a variety of wood plank and parrot sounds, let us wrangle the samples for you. Either in the studio or in the field, give us a list of desired sounds and we’ll track them down for you!

Voice Talent

We work with all kinds of narrators! If you need help casting your voice talent, let us know and we can get you in touch with the perfect voice actor for your project.