Centennial Sound

Audiobook Production

Record your audiobook on the best VO equipment in the business. We can help make your audiobook project a painless experience with punch and roll recording, mouth noise correction, noise floor correction, pronunciation guidance, and the other technical challenges to recording a book.

Sending your title out for distribution? Books can be made to any digital distributor’s specifications – ACX, Findaway, Audiobooks Unleased, — whatever! We also direct performances, if you’re new to narrating (or narrating a title you’ve written). And we also work with a field of narrators if you need help casting your project, whether it’s a solo read, dual read, or multicast performance.

Samples of Our Work

Bluebeard And The Outlaw

Thunder O' Dragon

Invasion Day

A Summer with Montaigne

Hybrid Mate

The Compeer

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